Public Awareness Poster: Water

Water is becoming an increasingly precious resource. Considering that it's crucial to our existence, we are – as a collective species – neglecting our responsibility to protect our world and the sustenance it provides us. Unicef, with a campaign to raise awareness on the water crisis and global warming, needed a poster that captured people's attention and would get them talking; and it had to evoke a sense of urgency on the matter.

There's a chilling irony that some of the biggest problems we face is a lack of water and an overabundance of water; both being largely attributed to global warming. The concept should visualize the dichotomy.

The top image shows an illustration of a home being flooded within a plastic bottle, and the bottom image shows a person being very eager to get some water out of said bottle. The two images combined are supposed to evoke an impression of an hourglass; calling for a sense of urgency by implying that time is running out.

The colors are bright; aiming to capture the attention of passersby. The image is intended to start a conversation and raise awareness; therefore it was essential that the colors wouldn't attack the senses — rather invite curious ones to engage with the artwork.