Magazine Ad

The brief was to create a conceptual and thought-provoking advert for a magazine — and what's more thought-provoking than a rendition of a brain?

All jokes aside, given that the client was Generali Group (an Italian insurance company), it was important to demystify the bureaucratic nature of insurance, and to have a simple, coherent, yet an inviting message.

To condense the thought process behind the advertisement: insurance is essentially a luxury. There is no material element about having insurance and in most instances, it won't have significant utility. However, it is something that we must (or are strongly advised to) have. It's something that comforts us and keeps us safe in the times when we would be the most vulnerable. It gives us a peace of mind.

Peace of mind/Piece of mind

The final result is in essence a homophonous play-on-words of the expressions; peace of mind and piece of mind. The advert is calling to the reader's attention the missing "piece of mind" (of the brain puzzle), which can be provided by the ad's sponsor, Generali. This would ideally prompt the reader to connect the dots; that Generali has the capability to provide the reader with a "peace of mind".

Design-wise; the objective was to create an image that would be attention-grabbing and keep the audience engaged for a longer moment. The pink analogous color scheme contrasts well with the typical images found in upper-class magazines like Forbes; the ideal destinations for insurance adverts.